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Ep 210: The Charity Shop of Chills

It's that time of year again to wrap up warm, hide yourself from the elements, grab some mulled wine and listen to a few spooky, wintry stories. This year, CheapShow presents 3 tales of terror to chill your spoff, each one more macabre than the last! When Paul & Eli investigate an unusual new charity shop, they are greeted by an undead creature of the night with a shop full of evil curios. He presents the cheap chaps with three items, each with a terrible tale of horror and pain... but is the last shock reserved for Paul & Eli? Who will escape the Christmas evil that is slowly enveloping them all?

The Yeti & The Music Box: When a struggling rap artist is sent an interesting music box, his newfound success comes with a cost!

Crunchy Centre: A small Victorian orphan boy decides to blow his hard earned pennies at a sweet shop with a hideous secret.

Jailhouse Shock: What would you do to evade the electric chair? For one despicable convict, making a deal involves reading the small print.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Scare!! 

(80s Synth Horror themes by White Bat Audio on YouTube)

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