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Ep 65: Murder or Ice Cream

What's popular in podcasts these days? Murder, right? So Paul & Eli decide to jump on that "True Crime" bandwagon and find a story about a cheap serial killer. It does not go well and Eli is not impressed. In fact, Eli is not impressed much in this episode. He is let down by Tales from the Shop Floor. He is upset about the Cheap Eats selection and he is especially not happy about Paul... Who won't stop eating a sandwich. In fact, on reflection, this may be less a CheapShow episode and more of therapy session between two men who have decided to record a podcast much later in the evening than they should ever attempt again. This is a public record of this event.

Eli And The Lollipop_edited
Chilli Lollipop_edited
Vimto Thing_edited
Curry Snax_edited
Another Pork Floss_edited
Oreo Strawberry Box_edited
Oreo Strawberry Packet_edited
Killer 01_edited
Pick Me Up_edited
KIller 02_edited
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