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Ep 70: Abbott & Edmonds Madcap Music Time

We promise, we will never talk about Russ Abbott's singing career again. Mostly because we have run out of stuff to criticise! In Episode 70 we take one last dip into the world of cheesy light entertainment music and discover a long long Abbott "classic". We also find something MUCH worse. A rare vinyl single. Introduced by "rumoured human", Noel (Tidy Beard) Edmonds. It's not good.
Elsewhere in everyone's favourite economy comedy podcast, Paul & Eli argue over more Tales from the Dancefloor, Paul sounds like he is giving up and Eli decides to do something filthy to make things worse!
It's not all grime, as Eli takes us once more into his Country Noodle Kitchen and rates, tastes and reviews some "cup noodles" from a range of leading, and not so leading, brands.
Will Paul join in? Or will he just decide to do a pretty poor impression of Eli doing his old stand up routine? We think you already know the answer to that one!

nissin pork
Geffin Noodle
Kabuto Noodle
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