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Ep 18: Read-A-Long Adventure

Easter treats abound in episode 18 of the economy comedy podcast!
Paul & Eli tackle Easter in the only way they know how - poorly.
They talk Easter memories and discover Paul's love of Read-A-Along Adventure books, via Ghostbusters and a kinda racist Rambo!
The chaps discover a YouTube video that helpfully explains the story of Easter, and they tear it to pieces and sing along with Christ music.
Ash Frith reports in with weird and wonderful movie "Easter Eggs", Paul and Eli taste test some cheap chocolate treats, paint cock and balls on a clay egg and Eli's TOP THREE returns and is as shouty as it ever was!
Listen now on this very page and give you eyes something to do by looking at the pictures below that accompany this episode.

You can listen to the WHOLE Ghostbusters and Rambo story books below as well as the complete, uninterrupted "Cute Easter Story" video too.
& for bonus CheapShow lovers, see Eli paint his eggs and watch Paul build a knock-off Lego Easter Basket in the below videos. Why not?

Bonus Videos: Eli Silverman Paints An Egg!
Paul Gannon reviews Episode 18 Leftovers
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