Ep 144: Poo Poo Out Of Bum Hole (Sorry!)

We had no choice. We had to call the episode this. Blame Eli. It will all make sense. Outside of that embarrassment, it's business as ever. Well, that and it's Paul's birthday! Which Eli has already managed to ruin. This week, we dive into another care package from the USA which is packed with delightful candy and unusual truck stop snacks. The only worry is if Paul ODs on sugar. There is also a return to "Paul's Page Turners" that gives Gannon the chance to talk about a few charity shop bought books. Want to know what Paul and Eli think of Richard Osman's "World Cup of Everything"? Desperate to get a super quick whistle stop tour of the Satanic Panic of the 1970/80s? Dive right in, buddy!

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