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Cheapshow On Barshens

We know we would be nothing without Barshens and thanks to Barry and Stuart, we have infected the internet! You can now start watching some of our most "glorious" moments on this lovely, carefully chosen, selection of CheapShow appearances on the Barshens channel...

The playlist begins!

Cheapshow Ep 20 Visual Podcast


We like to give you the full fat Paul & Eli experience at CheapShow HQ


With that in mind, here is a special edition of episode 20, "The Play Your Blankety Card Right Game Show Special" with a bunch of of pictures to help fill out your mind with visual candy as you let the chaps enter your ears and give them a good seeing to!

CheapShow Live @ The Bill Murray

"Beetle Eater!"

If you missed the live show recorded in London... Then it sucks to be you! But here is a teeny tiny taster for you to chew on... and then feast on the WHOLE DAMNED EPISODE via the world of podcast!

In this clip, Paul bites the head off a freeze dried Rhino Beetle... He doesn't really enjoy it!

CheapShow Presents: Eli Paints An Egg

In this "exclusive" "clip" from Episode 18 of CheapShow, you can now look in wonder as Eli Silverman paints a beautiful, haunting image on a clay egg... and doesn't forget to add a cock and balls, in case you were wondering!


Check out our Episode 18 page on the site to see more videos and pictures that accompany the episode "Read-A-Along Easter"

Cheap Show Vs Eggsy (From Goldie Lookin Chain)


The Cheap Show presents a video clip taken from their horror flavoured podcast "Episode 6: Eggsy's Trick or Treat"


In this slice of awesomeness, Eggsy (from Welsh Rap Group Goldie Lookin Chain) is forced to play referee as Cheap Show presenters Paul Gannon and Eli Sliverman (poorly) improvise a rap about UK light entertainer Les Dennis (Who?)...


It doesn't go particularly well!


With a guest appearance by comedian Ash Frith, you can now revel in 4 minutes of awkward white rapping about a reasonably obscure UK pop culture reference that you totally won't think was worth the effort!

Cheap Show Vs Ashens


A clip from episode 4 of "Cheap Show" entitled "Stuart Ashens eats Sponch"


If you want to know what Sponch is, you one short click away from finding out


In this clip, guest Stuart Ashens brings along some weird and not so wonderful food for Paul and Eli to enjoy...


Well, "Enjoy" may be pushing it, but there are few weird and wonderful pieces of Canadian candy ready for digestion.



Cheap Show Vs The Baby Food Challenge


The Cheap Show is a podcast that celebrates the cheap and the cheerful - the very best of the very worst. It's a cross between chat show, stand up, improv and the Generation Game!


It's hosted by Paul Gannon, Eli Silverman and Ash Frith and has had a line up of some of the UK's top comedy talent come by as guests!


This clip is taken from an episode where Eli is fed baby food to see if it could pass muster instead of a hearty meal... The answer, as you will find, is NO!!

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