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Ep 61: Don't Touch Me!

Paul Gannon would like to use this podcast description to apologise for the ongoing antagonism and inappropriate contact between himself and his co-host Eli Silverman. Paul will be taking time to reflect on his actions and behaviour and he sincerely hopes this doesn't affect your enjoyment of Episode 61 of CheapShow. This episode features our very first "Tales from The Shop Floor" with some weird and wonderful Charity Shop stories, as suggested by listeners! It also contains a very generous "Me Casa, Su Casa"which brings a smile to someone's lips (appropriately) and a groan to someone else's (also appropriately). Silverman dishes out more random musical platters and the chaps end on another trip to Double Dare Land with random pop questions that, frankly, Paul doesn't have a chance in answering. He is going to be eating some foul jelly beans!
Paul hopes you can, in time, forgive him for his behaviour and a joke so distasteful, we had to edit it out....

Russ Abbot Album
Not A Lot Of People
Chinese Cook Book
Moogie Blooglie
Mooglie Reverse
Zsa Zsa
Stupid Party
Pop Of The Form
Double Dares
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