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Ep 87: Now That's Magic!

You will like this magical edition of CheapShow... Not A Lot!
Paul and Eli delve into the world of illusions, tricks and conjuring when they come across a range of cheap children's magic sets. They also discover a reasonably rare magic instructional album from TV's very own Paul Daniels who poses a conundrum that pisses Paul right off! Along the way, Paul calls Eli's stumpy hands in question, Eli demolishes Paul's faith in magic and they both try to one-up each other with their pathetic prestidigitation!
Elsewhere, they discover a book of life hacks for old fogies, debate what piece of tat The Simpsons WON'T appear on and end up grabbing the old mouth harp and singing the blues!
It's a truly astounding episode! Piffity Puff Puff!!

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