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Ep 278: Derek: The Final Chapter

After many years, it’s finally time to close the book on a very important part of CheapShow history. With massive thanks to Tom, the custodian of the Derek Files, we can, at long last, wade back into the weird, wonderful, and worrying world of Uncle Derek, the master storyteller behind The Brookside Tiger, The Bone Hoover and Irish Jimmy! For this obviously momentous occasion, we are joined by Tat Lord and all round “lovely chap” Stuart Ashen to absorb more of that red hot Derek action. It’s an episode packed with young love, tragic death, family pranks, olde timey motor cars, UFOs, exploding foxes and much, much more. The only question is, can you take this level of awesomeness and imagination?

Why not join us for what is guaranteed to be a life changing moment, not just for CheapShow, but for every single person who listens.

It’s the end of an era.


With MASSIVE thanks to Tom James for helping find and clean up the Derek Audio.

We’ve tried our best to clean up these audio clips, but some sections may be of poor quality and may be hard to hear at times… That could be a blessing in disguise though!

Derek In The Flesh.JPG
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