Ep 91: Grumpy Sessions

Hello, My name (snuffle snuffle) is Grumpy Sessions and I am here to introduce episode 91 of CheapShow to you. Eli and Paul graciously asked me to write the blurb for this episode and i am more than happy to do so (snuffle snuffle). So what can you expect? Well, Paul was mean to me, so i don't want anything to do with him, but Eli was very nice and has a very interesting collection of vinyl records that i enjoyed listening to (snuffle snuffle). The boys also revisit YouTube sensation "Weird Paul" and discover what he has recently found in thrift stores, much to their jealousy, and i believe they read more of your letters too. Isn't that nice (snuffle snuffle)?
I have to go now, but i hope to see you all again in the future... If Paul drops the attitude!

Rice Krispies Vinyl
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The Ovaltine Theme
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Flexi Disks
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