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Ep 84: Munchy Munch Yum Yum Time

Food, Glorious Food! It's time to stuff more cheap eats inside out gob holes and deal with the consequences later. We continue our odyssey of oral nourishment by finishing off our American snack hamper, and Eli becomes positively fizzy with delight at some of the treats on offer... Maybe TOO fizzy. Elsewhere, Paul throws all continuity out of the window when he attempts to bring life to yet another inanimate object. It does not go well for Mr Teddy Glassman. Somehow, a Tales from the Shop Floor manages to make Eli gag and, in much bigger news, the very existence of The League of Snacks hangs in the balance when Paul and Eli come into (more) conflict over the grading of Scampi Fries! Is this the end of the segment or even the podcast itself? Find out, why don't you?

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