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Normal Service Will Resume!

Things are changing at CheapShow HQ! Nothing major but life, as is its nature, always gets in the way of regular service.

Basically, CheapShow is on the move, as you may have heard in our recent podcast (or Ep 27, if you are somehow reading this long after the change has been made). Basically, I am moving home soon and job also, moving from one radio station to another. As a result, things are going to be a little unsettled for a while as I get used to my new surroundings and work load. I will be presenting breakfast radio on Star FM in Cambridge (say hello if you are near there!) and moving from Southampton to Cambridge is going to probably age me and cause me to lose a lot of my glorious hair!

This has a knock on effect of Eli and I no longer able to use our usual studio to record our CheapShow shows. Once I get "feet on the ground" and can get an idea of when I can use the new studio, then things will change accordingly and we will back up and running.

Obviously, we do not want people thinking we have given up or anything (as it stands we are growing stronger with more downloads per episode than ever!) so I wanted to just write this lil blog post to keep those who care in the loop.

We do have a few things planned - One is a special "On Location" report episode that Eli and I are trying to figure out how to do and we will also be aiming to do a new CheapShow LIVE at MCM Comic Con in Oct too.

We also, if we cross our fingers real tight and wish upon a star, have some other news to announce too before the end of the year... and as always, we are still working closely with the Barshens channel on creating content with Stuart Ashen and Barry Lewis... SO yea, CheapShow ain't going anywhere.... However, as a result, our schedule is a little up in the air and will probably settle down around in Oct.

We hope you can bear with us until then and keep supporting our podcast. If you like what you hear, please review us on iTunes and spread the word on social media... that helps us grow little by little.

Until then, the economy comedy podcast rolls on and we would love you there wih us "IN THE FUTURE!"

As for Eli... nothing is changing for him.... Nothing ever does.

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