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So things are picking up at CheapShow HQ, but there are changes afoot. Nothing major, but life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of routine! Basically, we are recording new episodes as I type (not literally, I am not that talented a chap) and a special "in the field" report that we are in the planning stages. As a few of you may already be aware, Eli and I help out on a YouTube channel called "Barshens" hosted by "MyVirginKitchen"'s Barry Lewis and "Ashens" megastar Stuart Ashen. Eli has managed to win over a whole new audience and frankly, that's sodding scary. However, all these things, and a move to a new recording studio soon, mean our schedule is all arse about tit. CheapShow STILL want to do some live performance, we are still recording the same rowdy knock-about economy comedy shows and hoping that you are subscribing and such in all the usual channel. So yea, we are spinning plates at the moment... Let's hope we do not end up with a shit load of broken crockery lying around our feet! LOVE YOU x

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