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The Binding of CheapShow


This is just a little blog entry to talk about CheapShow and where we are with it...

First of all, we have been running CheapShow for about a year. It started off as an unpronouceable and hard to spell show called "The Uncliqueables". Back then, Eli Silverman (my co-host) and I had no idea what the show was about. We fumbled around for a while trying to find a format and a concept we could cling to. We just knew we wanted to do a podcast together, have rants and play around like silly buggers.

It eventually mutated into a show that had us both looking in charity shops, Poundlands, 99p Stores and anywhere we could find bric-a-brac to show off in the show. We also delighted in food challenges and quickly came to realise that the cheaper the food, the more interesting or gross the food's inclusion in the show was. After a little time mulling over these developments, we realised we had become a show all about living on the cheap and trying to celebrate things that are off brand or simple "off"... It became CheapShow.

And this website grew from it.

We wanted the show to be live, but I was moving away from London, where we would perform and it was becoming harder and harder to organise... So we decided to develop the show so that it was sometimes a live show with an audience, sometimes it was a report from a festival or car boot sale and also so we could record some shows in a proper comfy studio... We even throw in a few fictional adventure stories (check out the Halloween and Xmas specials). Whatever our groove was, we'd found it.

So here we go, almost a year down the line from the reboot - aiming to get bigger and better... We are recording a new batch of episodes soon and will be putting them out fortnightly!

If you like what you hear, please help us grow and develop... You can like and rate us on Soundcloud, iTunes or Stitcher and subscribing to us would also help a lot.

We are always looking for feedback and participation, so if an episode inspires you, please reach out to us at

Also, Eli and I swear and bicker a lot, if you can help calm it down or spice it up, we are also very interested in that too.

Stay Cheap!

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