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25 June

This week, CheapShow receives a Price of Shite so big that it just about fits in one episode. How many p'twings will Paul & Eli battle for in a show that swerves from novelty pop hits to kids TV board games? It's an extra chunky episode, so strap in for...

Ep 236: A Massive P.O.S

18 June

The heat is starting to get to Paul and Eli this week! Recorded on a very hot day indeed, they once again move closer to madness than ever, with Eli on full nonsense mode and Paul's will to live slipping away. After a troublesome Tales from the Shop Floor, the only thing they hope to salvage are the p'twings during a new round of The Price of Shite! It's a proper mess this week!

Ep 235: Absolute Dog's Dinner

11 June

It begins with a dream and ends with a shocking revelation, what do Paul & Eli find at the end of their journey? Find out this week, in another "out and about episode" which takes the cheap chaps to London's famous Hampstead Heath. Paul has to solve 4 riddles that came to Eli in a dream, but can he solve them, will Eli make the journey all about him and will they both make it through the day without falling out? Find out, this week!

Ep 234: The CheapShow Treasure Hunt Nightmare

04 June

We're excited to show off our latest cheap and cheerful format this week! It's simple! What's in Paul's big black bin bag? It's a mystery rummage through a mix of forgotten junk and PO Box overflow, so what will Eli find? Dare you find out? WIll the format ever return? That all depends on whether or not you lot like it. So you better!

Ep 233: The Black Bin Bag Edition

Oh, and you can now DOWNLOAD this year's Urinevision entries on Bandcamp. Take the magic home with you!

BandCamp Urinevision 2021

Want to Enter Urinevision 2021? Give last year's entries a listen and come and get involved! Now on Bandcamp!

ALSO: You can now get download and watch Eli in the new movie "Ashens & the Polybius Heist" Download it HERE!



As we continue through the Covid restriction, here are some of the unique "special" episodes we have built over 2021

Ep 234: The CheapShow Treasure Hunt Nightmare

Ep 232: The Urinevision Song Contest 2021

Ep 229: The (Not Very) Pooh Picnic

Ep 224: The (Not Very) Pagan Picnic 

Ep 222: Die Hard... On A Podcast

Ep 210: The Charity Shop of Chills


Over the "2020 Covid Lockdown" we crafted some very special episodes to get you through the doom and/or gloom. We're proud of them and made us smile, maybe they will tickle you too!

Ep 202: I Know What You Did Last Episode

Ep 200 - The Live One... On Twitch
Ep 193: The CheapShow Awards 2020: The Brandoff Connection

Ep 190: The Urinevision Song Contest 2020

Ep 181: Winkie: The Untold Story

Ep 162: Murder on the Cheap Eats Express

Ep 171: CheapShow TV Part 01

Ep 172: CheapShow TV Part 02

***Also, Paul is writing a book (hopefully) that you can help with. If you'd like to help fund the making of his Ghostbusters/Ghost hunters themed book, you can donate to the crowd funding campaign at the link below or on the lovely Vorratony art
Unbound: Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

... And if you are intersted, Paul spoke to the podcast magazine "Podbible" to talk about CheapShow's 5th birthday, its dreams/desires and drops a chunk of Winkie into the conversation. Read it HERE and spread the word!

We've got a recommendation from the Podblasts website, check out their lovely thoughts HERE!


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Latest Episode...
Ep 235: "A Massive P.O.S"

Digitiser: "CheapShow Vs Beanus"

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