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Latest Ep: 197 "Tough Luck!"


25 Sept
How many more crisps can we possibly eat? This week we have even more potato based snacks to battle through, this time for the land down under! Luckily, its not all savory nomnoms, there is a Gannon's Golden Games too. That doesn't go particularly well. At all. For everyone.

Ep 197: Tough Luck!

18 Sept

Oh dear, Paul's been drinking again. I mean, it WAS his birthday the day before recording and he may have been worse for wear, but maybe he should not have continued drinking during a podcast packed with cheap eats and more random vinyl weirdness! Find out how this all pans out this week!

Ep 196: The Naughty Birthday Boy

11 Sept
The League of Snacks is REBORN this week when a listener's letter forces Paul & Eli to re-evaluate every single snack (and crisp) that's been rated to date! It involves terrible new characters, pointless sound effects and a new world of possibilities. We also tackle an autobiography from a radio DJ that makes Noel Edmonds look like a saint. What a time to be alive!

Ep 195: Pompadour

Summer of Specials!

Over the "2020 Summer Lockdown" we crafted 3 very special episodes to get you through the doom and/or gloom. We're proud of them and made us smile, maybe they will tickle you too!
Ep 193: The CheapShow Awards 2020: The Brandoff Connection

Ep 190: The Urinevision Song Contest 2020

Ep 181: Winkie: The Untold Story

***Also, Paul is writing a book (hopefully) that you can help with. If you'd like to help fund the making of his Ghostbusters/Ghost hunters themed book, you can donate to the crowd funding campaign at the link below or on the lovely Vorratony art
Unbound: Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

... And if you are intersted, Paul spoke to the podcast magazine "Podbible" this month to talk about CheapShow's 5th birthday, its dreams/desires and drops a chunk of Winkie into the conversation. Read it HERE and spread the word!

2 Part TV Game Show Special!
Ep 171: CheapShow TV 2020 Part One
Ep 172: CheapShow TV 2020 Part Two


Ep 162: Murder on the Cheap Eats Express

The 150th Special

Ep 150: Behind The Scandal Special

The Epic Day Trip To Brighton
Ep 134: The Office Day Trip To Brighton

The Very Special Awards Show

Ep 124: The CheapShow Awards 2019

The Winkie Saga!

Ep 115: The Winkie Wedding
Ep 114: Winkie

Our BIG 100th LIVE episodes:
Ep 100: The Live One!
Ep 101: The Other Live One!

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