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"Howling with laughter" The Guardian & As Seen in "Podbible" and "Viz" Magazine

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May 17

Have we gone too far this week? It's something Eli has been begging to do for months and Paul has been dreading... A Super Deluxe Sauce Report. There are 8 condiments to sample and it may be too much for Paul to take, especially when he is as tired and grumpy as he is. It's also worth mentioning that this week's Price of Shite is a riddled with odd and deranged items too. That's only going to make things worse for the dirty duo!

Ep 384: Dikkeneks

May 10

A little over 20 years ago, the British comedy horror film "Shaun of the Dead" was released and quickly became a beloved classic. Paul was one of the extras for that film and he's needed an excuse to talk about it, so this week, he and Eli roam around North London, searching for SotD locations and sometimes even talk about the film! Barely!

Ep 383: Walk of the Shaun of the Dead

Buy the book about the history of Shaun of the Dead by Clark Collis “You’ve Got Red On You” here:

May 03

All the taste buds are being tickled this week on the podcast as Paul and Eli dive into another food focused episode. There are a whole host of sour candies to endure, to see if there is any actual flavour behind the shock. To cap it all off, they decide to see if all ready salted crisps are created equal in an Off Brand Brand Off Rank Off!

Ep 382: A Right Royal Ready Salted Rank Off


Apr 26

Are you ready for a Noodle Pot Blitz? Oh Muvva, you better be, as Eli has a choice selection of instant noodle pots to delight and disappoint in equal measure. There is another Price of Shite to fathom that can only be described as an utter s*** show at the end of the day. It doesn't help that this is yet another episode where Paul and Eli seem to be losing their minds.

Ep 381: Three Swiss Francs


Apr 19

Sometimes it's hard to get through a whole episode without Eli grabbing at his crotch, but this week he has gone off the rails and Paul is NOT impressed. Thankfully, there is actual podcast content with a book all about the history of famous brands and a board game based on an ITV game show neither of them have heard of before... but what a game it turns out to be!

Ep 380: Brand Aide

Apr 12

There are plenty more American treats to feast on this week. Eli has more candy delights to force down Gannon's throat. Luckily, Paul has a few vinyl platters to spin that will confuse and inform. Sadly for TrackBot, everyone continues to invade his personal space and it's going a bit too far!

Ep 379: Expressionate Men

2024 Special Episodes

Ep 383: Walk of the Shaun of the Dead

Ep 377: Barshens Rises

Ep 376: Nightbussin'

Ep 375: Scared Of Us

Ep 369: The Sounds of London 2024

2023 Special Episodes

Ep 363: The 5th Annual Office Christmas Party

Ep 360: Cheapitiser (Live)

Ep 359: Stars Over 45

Ep 358: CheapShow Does Leighton Night

Ep 357: To Thrift And Buy In LA

Ep 350: The Wedding of Squishy Jim & Madam Ladyplops

Ep 349: Dream Guest

Ep 346: Come Hungry!

Ep 342: Gannon's Golden Quest The Third

Ep 337: Cow's Parsley & Lamb's Lettuce

Ep 336: Urinevision 2023

Ep 334: The Walk Men (A Ball of Chalk Part Two)

Ep 333: Three Pauls And A Silverman

Ep 324: Red Nob Day 2023

Ep 322: Live from The Leicester Comedy Festival 2023

Ep 320: Brent Crosspocalypse Now

2022 Special Episodes!

Ep 312: The 4th Annual Office Christmas Party Part One

Ep 313: The 4th Annual Office Christmas Party Part Two

Ep 310: A Ball Of Chalk

Ep 305: Little Sweet Shop of Horrors

Ep 300: The 3rd Live One!

Ep 298: End Of The Line

Ep 290: The Boys of Summer

Ep 285: This Is Who's Life?

Ep 282: Gannon's Second Golden Quest Part Two

Ep 281: Gannon's Second Golden Quest

Ep 278: Derek: The Final Chapter

Ep 273: CheapShow TV 2022 Part Two

Ep 272: CheapShow TV 2022 Part One

Ep 267: Saturday Morning Showdown Part One

Ep 268: Saturday Morning Showdown Part Two

Ep 263: The Great Dangerous Davies 40th Anniversary Walk

Specials! 2021

Here are some of the unique "special" episodes we built over 2021

Ep 262: Grumpy Session: The Cream of Acting

Ep 250: A Night At The Grand Flange

Ep 246: The Suitcase

Ep 237: The Rendlesham Forest Deception

Ep 234: The CheapShow Treasure Hunt Nightmare

Ep 232: The Urinevision Song Contest 2021

Ep 229: The (Not Very) Pooh Picnic

Ep 224: The (Not Very) Pagan Picnic 

Ep 222: Die Hard... On A Podcast

Ep 210: The Charity Shop of Chills


Over the "2020 Covid Lockdown" we crafted some very special episodes to get you through the doom and/or gloom. We're proud of them and made us smile, maybe they will tickle you too!

Ep 202: I Know What You Did Last Episode

Ep 200 - The Live One... On Twitch
Ep 193: The CheapShow Awards 2020: The Brandoff Connection

Ep 190: The Urinevision Song Contest 2020

Ep 181: Winkie: The Untold Story

Ep 162: Murder on the Cheap Eats Express

Ep 171: CheapShow TV Part 01

Ep 172: CheapShow TV Part 02

Oh, and you can now DOWNLOAD last year's Urinevision entries on Bandcamp. Take the magic home with you!

BandCamp Urinevision 2021


***Also, Paul is writing a book (hopefully) that you can help with. If you'd like to help fund the making of his Ghostbusters/Ghost hunters themed book, you can donate to the crowd funding campaign at the link below or on the lovely Vorratony art
Unbound: Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

... And if you are intersted, Paul spoke to the podcast magazine "Podbible" to talk about CheapShow's 5th birthday, its dreams/desires and drops a chunk of Winkie into the conversation. Read it HERE and spread the word!

We've got a recommendation from the Podblasts website, check out their lovely thoughts HERE!


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Ep 384: Nikkeneks
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