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Latest Ep: 156 "Maximum Thwopage"


December 06
As the year winds down, it's good to know things at CSHQ are just as grotty as ever! This week Paul has to put up with an apparently ill co-host, Eli complains his way through a listener sent Tales from the Shop Floor and they both have a thwopage heavy cheap eats!

Ep 156: Maximum Thwopage


November 29
This week on cheapshow, we're heading back to the past to take a quick trip through the sights and sounds of the 80s (and maybe a bit of the 70s too). We tackle music, toys, books and cosy memories... but don't worry, there are still an unnecessary amount of new, crass characters! That's a given!

Ep 155: Look-In '88 Rools OK Too!

November 22
You know where we haven't been for a while? That's right! Eli's Country Urban Noodle Testlab Kitchen! So let's, once again, take a trip on Paul's magic carpet and fly to a place where Eli boils up a culinary storm. Also. Price of Shite: Extra Shite Edition!

Ep 154: Suck to the Noodl

The 150th Special

Ep 150: Behind The Scandal Special

The Epic Day Trip To Brighton
Ep 134: The Office Day Trip To Brighton

The Very Special Awards Show

Ep 124: The CheapShow Awards 2019

The Winkie Saga!

Ep 115: The Winkie Wedding
Ep 114: Winkie

Our BIG 100th LIVE episodes:
Ep 100: The Live One!
Ep 101: The Other Live One!

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